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Journey with Absolute Slimming

Hazards of owning my foodie community and a food blog aside from a full-time job is that I’m always surrounded by food and receiving invites to events—not that I’m complaining! Who can resist trying out new hideouts, food and drinks? But at the same time, enjoying so much goodness means that it’s super easy to stack on the pounds.And… that’s exactly what happened over the last 2 years in addition to my work schedule and lack of time to exercise. I won’t lie—I’ve never been a stick-thin type of person. The only time I’ve been at my ideal weight in the past few years was 2 years ago when my weight accidentally plummeted, thanks to some stress and anxiety.

Then in the last year, I happily ate my way around Singapore as event invites increased, and ended up heavier than I’ve ever been. Being sluggish and feeling the weight affecting my already weak knees. I knew I had to do something about my weight, but due to my unforgiving work and event schedule, I couldn’t find time to exercise much apart from a few random 10km runs which were…actually few and far between.

I was a little hesitant at first…

When I was asked to try out Absolute Slimming, I was a little worried as I had tried a slimming program from another brand previously with yo-yo results—I would lose weight then bounce back every week. In the end, I lost no weight at all. This made me hesitant to go to the slimming sessions and most of the time I just went to enjoy the sauna.

After hearing about the treatments which use a more traditional Chinese approach and hearing about a string of success stories, I decided to take up a 1-month program.

Did it hurt?

At Absolute Slimming, they use CSH therapy® which is a traditional Chinese approach to weight loss. Having grown up in Australia, I admit to being somewhat clueless to Chinese methods of wellness, so I kept asking friends what their experiences were with scraping (or guasha) and cupping. I did feel a little scared towards the start of the treatment as I did hear that the scraping therapy might be painful depending on the tolerance level for pain that was relative to each person. And knowing myself, I winch at the slightest touch.

While the cupping and heat treatments were quite painless, I won’t lie: for me, yes it was a little too much to bear during the scraping treatment. But then again, I’m the type you hear laughing and struggling getting massages or even back rubs. I constantly asked the therapists at Absolute Slimming why no one else made a sound except me. They told me most find the scraping treatment enjoyable and some even want it to be done harder. I guess for me, I’m more sensitive to touch so I understand that unbearable can really be relative.

The Absolute Slimming meal plan…

They also have a meal plan that is recommended whilst treatments are ongoing. It includes avoiding most forms of refined carbs (such as rice/pasta), increasing the intake of fruits and not eating after 8pm. I admit I didn’t keep to this completely due to the food tasting sessions I needed to attend, but since my diet outside of food tastings already consisted of mostly salads, it was easy for me to adapt. My weight loss has been steady but not as ideal due to my lifestyle too as I tend to skip meals, have odd eating hours and I sleep extremely late at night. I was also educated about the downside of doing these as skipping meals and sleeping late at night wreaks havoc on the body’s fat-burning process. I was told that when the body is not having food at regular hours, it goes into starvation mode and starts preserving its fat storage.

Absolute Slimming recognised that due to my hours and job requirements I wasn’t able to follow the meal plan strictly and gave me more guidance on ways to work around my lifestyle. This included taking smaller portions of sauce and carbs during tastings and being selective about what to eat.

I am so glad to know that they have expert advice to work around individual lifestyles that may be hectic like mine. The Absolute Slimming folks are always available to give more guidance when I required.

The result

After 8 sessions at Absolute Slimming, I lost about 2.4kg. Although it might not sound like a big deal, it’s a big difference to me in terms of what I can see! There’s a marked a difference in my appearance now. My bloated tummy has gone down and even my face has slimmed down that even friends have noticed a change. The most noticeable change was the reduction in inches of my tummy and jawline – it’s now sharper so there’s less chances of double chin in photos.

Even despite a little irregularity in following through the programme, I still experienced good inch loss and slimmed down – and I am so glad that in a matter of only 8 sessions, I can see such obvious results.

During my sessions, my body fats steadily decreased and was at 33.8% from 35.1% at the first session. In terms of inches, I lost about 4cm on my tummy, 3.5cm on my waist, 2cm around my arms, plus 3.5cm on my hips—which is why that made quite a difference to my appearance.

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