This site was created as an outlet to share my interests on all things creative, techie, delicious, cute and random. Mostly random…

Eleanor a.k.a. Geeky Elephant

Loves all things creative ~ Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Web Design, Arts, Crafts, Social Media, Marketing, Business, Online Retail, Photography… the list is endless…

Snap happy. Tech savvy. Uber geeky. Gastronomical adventurer. Flawed perfectionist. Productive procrastinator. Webmistress by domain. Queenslander at heart. Singaporean by origin. Flightless wanderluster. House wife x entrepreneur wannabe. Contradicting instigator. Honest. Human.

Grew up in Queensland and got a Degree in Graphic Design, decided I didn’t like it, so I got a Diploma in Fashion Design. My eyes gleamed when I learned about Australia’s NEIS scheme and I became unemployed so I could start my own business with guidance. Having a business partner was a HUGE learning curve, so I moved on and opened my own online shop. Things were great!

Things happened. I moved to Singapore, got a proper job and started a mundane life as a Graphic Designer. Fell in love with Graphics again, but there was always something missing. A few years later, inspiration struck because I realised I had better ideas than the Marketing team directing me, so I got myself a Marketing job. Then I was back to my business savvy ways outside of work, I think they call this Entrepreneurship.

I’m employed to come up with sale promotions, create an online presence and to keep a couple of retail stores looking pretty. My boss calls me a Senior Creative Marketing Executive and I do Visual Merchandising for our fashion retail stores.

I create communities and practice my social media, design, marketing & business skills outside of work through my Meetup group, Coffee & Cravings. A few of us like to get tipsy & eat expensive food, so we have a second Meetup group, C&C Gourmet Affairs.

I believe everyone has something to offer outside of a 9-5 job and I like to assist friends in developing business ideas then guiding them in marketing, social media and e-commerce.

They call me a foodie, I think I’m just greedy. But it’s earned me the ranks of a Burpple Tastemaker. I’m an avid junkie/fan girl of brands. By brands I mean Adobe, Evernote, Skitch, Hootsuite, Apple, Wacom, Rotring & Nikon. Although, I do have a soft spot for Dior. 😉

Dreamer by day. Creative by night.
~In my perfectly perplexed world, I want to live a lavishly simple life.~
~He’s my strength & my kryptonite. Near yet far. A reality but just my dream.~
~Fuelled by Caramel Lattes. Always patiently waiting~
~Elephants can fly!~

Brand fangirl.
If you provide value to my work, your products look good or you’re a bunch of friendly people, I like you!

My current favourite brands/apps.
Show me your brand/app & I might be a fan too.
I like making apps crash & nit pick on details. Need a tester?
Hootsuite Burpple Evernote Adobe Apple

Apps/brands I’m watching & trying to like.

Sometimes others like to stroke our ego. Thank you others!

I like to hear stories. Tell me yours?

I love projects! Want to collaborate? Contact me.

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