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Food Photography with Nikon School

So I’m lucky enough to be asked to run another food photography workshop. Previously I shared food photography tips and tricks at the Apple Orchard store. This time around I’ll be hosting a workshop with Nikon.


The session will be held at beGIN, a new Gin bar at Boat Quay. I decided to suggest this location as I attended a tasting session previously and got some interesting shots of cocktails and smoke/fire effects.

Why would you attend?

This course is perfect for you if you like taking photos of food when you’re out and about, at food tastings or events. Unlike studio set ups with light boxes and a large studio space to work with, I want to show everyone how to make use of what’s around them and tips to take great photos even with other people/photographers around all fighting for that “money shot”.

I’ll be sharing how I take photos during media events, while I’m out dining and how to battle those low light scenarios in bars/restaurants.

Camera gear…

I’ll also share settings and adjustments I make when I use different camera set ups. In the past 2 years I’ve used or had the chance to try Nikon D5300 (crop frame), Nikon D7500 (crop frame) and Nikon Z7 (full frame mirrorless) with different lenses. Learn how to make the most of the equipment that you have.

I’m also a huge fan of using speedlights for flash photography when the need arises and I have certain tips for that as well.

Photo editing and workflow…

In the session I’ll also share on how I take my photos, download them to my phone, edit and post images to my Instagram feed and stories. These days I mainly do my editing for @geekyelephant on my phone and I’ll show you how you can use Adobe Lightroom CC on mobile to do the same thing.

If you need a few tips on how to take photos with your camera and have them edited and posted on Instagram, Facebook etc. within a short time span, I’ll show you how to get it done.

What else would you like to learn?

Leave a comment or DM me on Instagram if you have any specific food photography questions that I can help to answer during the session. 🙂


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