Public Garden: In search of the little things in life…
September 23, 2014 Adventures 1 Comment

Public Garden: In search of the little things in life…

Public Garden: In search of the little things in life…

One of my favourite things to do on weekends is to explore the various events happening around Singapore. Flea markets are one of my favourite events to visit. Having once been a seller myself, I can empathise with the work required to bring a booth together, especially for those who sell hand-made items and they definitely deserve the support.

Fleas are alway great places to meet like-minded creatives who are usually really friendly and have their own stories to tell on how they came up with their products. It’s great to find little treasures ranging from props and accessories to food and skin care.

Public Garden is one of the more well organised and regular events with a great range of filtered sellers. They focus more on independent businesses and creative individuals who offer mainly hand-made or vintage finds.

Below is a mainly photographic journey of my finds over a few weekends at Public Garden’s flea market held at TripleOne Somerset.

AzenSG @ Public Garden

AzenSG caught my eye from the first time I saw their display. Offering handmade jewellery from various brands, these accessories with natural stones are great to brighten up any outfit.

AzenSG: website | instagram | facebook

AzenSG @ Public Garden – Rock Me Rings

AzenSG: Rock Me handmade jewellery.

AzenSG @ Public Garden

AzenSG: Natural stone rings.

AzenSG @ Public Garden

AzenSG: Natural stone necklaces.

AzenSG @ Public Garden

AzenSG: Oversized Natural Stone Rings.

The seller from Balm Kitchen is super friendly. She offers a range of Lip Balms and stick format moisturisers. I couldn’t resist but to get a few items as the prices are friendly on the wallet too.

Balm Kitchen: website | instagram | facebook

Balm Kitchen

Balm Kitchen: Natural vegan lip & body products.

Balm Kitchen

Balm Kitchen: Natural Vegan Lip Balms

Couldn’t help but notice these little minions at Dorohouse Terrarium’s booth along with other cute little animals. These are decorations for the terrariums which can be customised. I’ve passed my terrariums phase, but the little decorations are lovely. Might commission a little elephant for display.

Dorohouse Terrarium: website | facebook | instagram

Dorohouse Terrarium

Dorohouse Terrarium: Little minion terrarium decorations.

Dorohouse Terrarium

Dorohouse Terrarium: Miniature terrarium decorations.

Eyeing these titanium quartz necklaces from 3125. A very raw, edgy look that signifies strength to me. Shall add this to my wish list. If, like me, you’re wondering why the name 3125, it’s from the bible… “She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.”—Proverbs 31:25. It all makes sense now and very apt.

3125: website | facebook | instagram

Three One Two Five

3125: Metallic & Titanium Quartz necklaces.

These concrete decorations make me reminisce my lifestyle in Brisbane, where instead of just playing on computers my dad would teach us to make aquarium decorations out of concrete. Nearly 2 decades back, my skills were rather rough compared to these decorations with a polished finish by The Half Half. Their range includes planters, coasters and lettering. I couldn’t resist getting the “LOVE” set which includes the “O” in a gold foiled ring form. My friends all know I’m a sucker for sentimental and corny things.

The Half Half: instagram

The Half Half

The Half Half: Concrete lettering and decorations.

The Half Half - Concrete Love

The Half Half: Concrete LOVE, concrete lettering with gold foil.

A delightful range of artworks are available by Miss Heather, the original art is all hand painted. The postcards and recipes are prints. Great to send little notes to friends through the post. Couldn’t help but to get some to post out—I did mention I’m quite sentimental, but why not surprise someone with a handwritten card which means much more than an email.

Miss Heather: instagram

Miss Heather

Miss Heather: Illustrated postcards.

The display at Little House of Dreams caught my eye with the sweet fabric prints on their bottle caps. Makes it very tempting to buy the meringues. I’m a sucker for packaging!

Little House of Dreams: website | facebook | instagram

Little House of Dreams

Little House of Dreams: Bakery.

Little House of Dreams

Little House of Dreams: Baked meringue.

Previously I purchased a set of polishes from Jacqueline Burchell‘s Fizzy Candy range and was delighted by their service and product. This visit left me a little disappointed with their service as I had to go back to the booth twice and was ignored twice with the sales person deciding to answer annoying questions by another customer, then not paying any attention to me even when all was quiet. Took the annoying customer’s friend to highlight to her that I might need some assistance since I was standing at the booth patiently for over 5 minutes looking at the products and looking at the sales person with the “I would like some service” look. Maybe my body language wasn’t strong enough. Even whilst assisting me it felt like she rather not have the sales. I ended up buying a set of Brush-On-Gel polishes anyways because I support local brands, love nail polishes and have an itch to try new products. But still very annoyed with the service. Maybe because I was carrying a camera around—do I look like I just want to take photos and not buy anything? Or I don’t look worthy of the products? Service is really a factor when it comes to buying decisions.

Jacqueline Burchell: website | facebook | instagram

Jacqueline Burchell

Jacqueline Burchell: Brush-on gel nailpolishes.

Jacqueline Burchell

Jacqueline Burchell: Brush-on gel nail polish colours

Jacqueline Burchell

Jacqueline Burchell: Matte “fizzy” nail polishes.

I used to make origami earrings when I had the time, but these are a level up. The jewellery range by Conetira has a very clean finish and comes in a wide range of origami prints and jewellery designs.

Conetira: etsy | facebook | instagram


Conetira: Origami jewellery.

How could any girl walk past a jewellery sale? I indulged and bought myself one or two… ok maybe three pairs of earrings from Flea & Trees. But I haven’t bought jewellery for myself in a very long time. Justified!

Flea & Trees: facebookinstagram

Flea & Trees

Flea & Trees: Jewellery sale.

I miss practising calligraphy and all my tools & inks back home in Brisbane. These lovely bookmarks by Patty Paperie would make simple, thoughtful gifts for friends. The seller is really friendly too. Check out her instagram to see what she’s up to.

Patty Paperie: website | instagram

Patty Paperie

Patty Paperie: Calligraphy bookmarks.

Can’t wait for my next adventure to Public Garden. Haven’t had the chance to visit the National Museum fleas yet, but will make it a point to go. Will be back with more photos of the interesting flea finds.

Public Garden: website | facebook | instagram