SSO: A Dangerous Liaison
January 16, 2015 Journal, Life 0 Comments

SSO: The addiction that makes my heart skip a beat

SSO: A Dangerous Liaison

In this society where work never seems to end, we’re cooped up in tiny spaces, shuffled around like sardines in tin cans and for some of us anxiety never fails to take hold to send us into a spiral—we all need somewhere to run away to.

I found my escape in a chilled, dark room with high ceilings and old instruments. It was a quick addiction to pick up and the only thing that can make me sit perfectly still for 90 minutes then clap uncontrollably at the end because I’d love it if the music never stops.

It started out so casually, my close friend introduced me to her friend who happens to play in the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. She offered us some tickets to a show, I went, I loved it. I was pleasantly surprised because since I moved to Singapore from Brisbane, I thought the arts scene was not as prevalent here.

Subsequently, our friend in the SSO knew I liked attending the concerts so much, she got me tickets whenever she could. Like feeding candy to a child! By then I was already hooked.

Every time I watch the orchestra play, I’m bewitched by their talent because I can’t play any instrument and know nothing about music (apart from writing silly songs for music class in high school). The only thing I knew about Classical Music was Xhibit’s Paparazzi music video—yes I’m a hip hop fan—and I liked Bach’s Air on G String cos it was in the Taiwanese series Autumn’s Concerto. I feel so shallow.

I always wanted to play a violin when I was a child, but maybe because of my parents failed attempts at making my older brother play an instrument, they were never keen on spending for me to learn. I can still remember I nearly had a chance when I was in primary school. Our friend just got their son a new violin and told him to pass his old one to me. We went to his room, he took down his violin case, opened it and I guess it’s one of the earlier times in life when my heart shattered and bled inside. He had cut all the hair on the bow. Kids do the darndest things don’t they? I guess it was his way of saying the violin was not for me, so I gave up my dream of playing a violin… well after bugging my parents for a few more years…

My favourite SSO concert that I’ve attended so far was Sarah Chang’s Four Seasons Gala. Her performance was so powerful, truly unforgettable. So glad I took the opportunity to go, bought myself one of the best seats and enjoyed the music. Unlike a movie, where I just feel stupid laughing to myself if I watch it alone, attending SSO concerts alone is such a good experience to just be immersed in the music.

Friends know that attending SSO concerts are one of the only events I look forward to. I love it how the concert hall at Esplanade has no reception too. Total peace and escape from the world, even if it’s just for 2 hours. I can’t wait to attend the concert tonight at Victoria Concert Hall as it’ll be my first time there.

Can’t wait to watch twin cellists Ng Pei-Sian and Ng Pei-Jee perform tonight too. Have watched Ng Pei-Sian perform during a few concerts (ok I kinda admit I choose some concerts specifically when he’s performing to attend *blush* fangirl) and I can’t believe his talent. Tonight will be double the talent with his brother! I guess knowing they’re from Australia too makes me happy and feeling supportive too cos Australia is my home after all.

Fangirl mode… on for A Dangerous Liaison concert tonight!