3D Nails — Nail Art

3D Nails: Intricate Gel Nail Art

I’ve always shied away from gel nail polish because my last few experiences left my nails dry and chipped for months after I removed the gel polish. Recently I visited 3D nails and I must say, my thoughts on gel manicures have totally changed. Especially when they’re done well!


My manicurist is Janet from 3D nails and I’ve visited her twice so far. The first time I went, she took a look at my nail condition and I told her about my previous experiences with gel manicures. She suggested a nail treatment (U.P. $12) and to change the shape of my nails. I have pretty fast growing nails and have been cutting it to a square shape with rounded corners for the past 2 years. Howevery, Janet mentioned that it would be better to have a round shape because my nails are more curved.

At 3D nails, they work fast, but also don’t skim on making your nails perfect. Once they carefully remove the old gel/polish, they apply the nail treatment which helps to make nails stronger. Then starting with a base coat, the gel polish is carefully built up into beautiful designs.

3D Nails — Nail Art

3D Nails — Nail Art

I used to do my own nail art when I was still studying (years ago), so I know you need a steady hand for freehand drawing. Janet’s skills are impeccable as she’s even able to do straight lines and grids freehand!

If you’re not too sure what designs to do, you can also let her suggest. But do let her know what colours and styles you like.


3D nails is a comfy place that sits 3 customers at one time. The shop is located at Jurong East, just 5 minutes from the MRT.

3D Nails — Nail Art

3D Nails — Marble Nail Art

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