DBS PayLah!Palooza

DBS PayLah!Palooza

This weekend 5th–7th May, DBS PayLah!Palooza is on at *SCAPE Playspace. I went for a little walk around the event this evening and found some familiar brands plus laid eyes on lots of goodies making my hands twitch to reach for my wallet.

DBS PayLah!Palooza - @tineedino

DBS PayLah!Palooza – Tinee Dino

I can safely say, I walked away from the event without having to rummage through my handbag for my wallet and it stayed tucked safely away in my bag the whole time. But I did spend and made payments easily through DBS PayLah! app.

Yup, the corporate world is getting hip with new initiatives like this to reach out to youths (and those young at heart). This QR Code flea market is jointly organised with *SCAPE and is in support of Singapore’s Smart Nation drive.

DBS PayLah!Palooza – Wooderful

How does a QR Code flea market work?

The whole process is rather seamless. Admit it—if you’re anything like me, your phone is glued to your hand most of the time as you’re out walking around as you’ll most likely be taking photos or messaging your friends when you see items reminding you of them.

Was I correct?—Yes? Keep reading… | No? Time to get some friends… Just kidding… time for you to keep up with trends and keep reading…

Every booth at DBS PayLah!Palooza has a standee with their individual QR code displayed. When you want to buy something from their booth simply…

  1. Load up your DBS PayLah! app on your mobile
  2. Launch the QR code reader
  3. Scan their QR code… then a screen will pop up showing the payee’s name and let’s you key in the amount you need to pay them
  4. Key in the amount and hit submit
  5. There is no 5…that’s it! I just don’t like lists of 4’s =/

The vendor instantly receives their notification that the payment has been made and you get to walk away with your new buys without having to fumble around with cash or key in pins on keypads that have been touched by thousands of other nasty little fingers.

DBS PayLah!Palooza DBS PayLah!Palooza DBS PayLah!Palooza

Some of the things I was eyeing at the event…

I would’ve taken more photos at the flea, but I had to get out of there asap before I bought even more things! Apparently there’s more than 100 fashion, food and lifestyle pop-up stores—including Social Enterprises!

Here’s some goodies I spotted at the event (credit goes to the brands/instagram accounts)






Want to save? So that you can spend more?

  • New DBS PayLah! users—Download the app and use promo code “PAYLAH505” to get S$5 to spend at the event!
  • Scan & pay at the event and get S$5 cashback for your first S$10 spend + more surprises all around the event space!

For more info and full conditions, visit: https://www.dbs.com.sg/personal/promotion/paylah-palooza

DBS PayLah!Palooza

Date: 5th–7th May 2017
Time: 1pm–9pm
Venue: *SCAPE Playspace

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